Nootropics is an umbrella term for substances that give cognitive benefits to the human brain. Dubbed nootropics from the Greek “noos” for “mind”, these substances are intended to healthily boost your cognitive abilities. The proprietary blend of LGND's products contain: Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL, Bacopa Monnieri Extract, Turmeric Root Extract, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Alpha GPC, Natural Caffeine, Green Tea Leaf Extract, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, Citicoline, Guarana, Ginger Extract, Acai Juice Powder, Acerola Cherry.

LGND Silk helps you find your edge and sharpen it. What does that mean exactly? It means LGND Silk gives you a quick energy boost but without the usual crash-and-burn sugar rush. LGND Silk powers you up and supplies you with long-term effects from the carefully selected, natural nootropic ingredients. In short – LGND Silk wakes your brain and body up.

To get the most out of LGND Silk we recommend you drink two to three cans per day on a regular basis. This will not only give you a great start for the day and the energy to power through the afternoon, but while part of the effect is instant, some of the nootropics are meant to build up your cognitive functions over time. Therefore, regular consumption over time should yield the best effect.

Core benefits of LGND Silk

  • Nootropic

    The nootropic profile is what wakes your brain up and gets your focus, memory and efficiency going

  • Healthy

    To us your health and well-being is of very high priority, therefore we make sure we do not use any harmful substances in our products.

  • Energy boosting

    All our products are energy boosting and will help you perform on a higher level, both mentally and physically.

  • Natural

    We only use carefully selected, natural ingredients in our products.