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Right now, there’s no energy drink on the market for the people who need it most – the entrepreneurial, the ambitious, the driven, the active.

That’s why we’ve created LGND, a new line of  nootropic energy drinks that may boost the brain as well as the body.

Why we want you to join us in launching it across the globe. Why we want you to become part of LGND.

Our company – LGND Inc.

LGND is a line of new nootropic energy drinks – and a new niche in the beverage market.

LGND aims to give the entrepreneurial and the creative, the active and the ambitious a healthier, tastier way to keep their energy up, their senses sharp and their minds focused at all times.

Our vision

The energy drinks market is huge. But it’s missing a big idea: a product made from nootropic ingredients created for ambitious, driven individuals.

Our nootropic energy drinks will inspire people to push their minds and bodies; to find their edge and fulfill their potential. And create an image for performance-enhancing beverages that’s healthier, more inspirational, and more enterprising

This is our vision. This is the stuff of LGND.

Our mission

This nootropic energy drink will be a new niche on the beverage market, and a new brand for the ambitious.

It will be a source of energy for the brain and body, one that’s as goal-focused as it is thirst-quenching. It will be on the shelves of stores and gyms, offices and supermarkets. And in the hands of festival-goers and students, online gamers and on-field stars.

And it will make  nootropic energy drinks the new norm for anyone looking to find their edge – and become a legend in their own lifetime.

Our product

LGND is one of the first globally marketed nootropic energy drinks.
That means it gives your body extra energy and your brain an added boost. And makes it the ideal drink for every Musk or McGregor in the making, looking for that all-important physical and mental boost.

If this  sounds like something that you want to be a  part of, get  in touch.

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