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We are setting out to create what the modern beverage market is lacking, a big idea.

Introducing a new niche of energy enhancing beverages, one of the  world’s first nootropic energy drinks, marketed towards driven, ambitious and professional individuals that want to find their edge and sharpen it.

By utilizing healthier and nootropic  ingredients in our low calorie energy drinks (ten calories per 8.4 oz can), we strive to create a new image for functional and performance-enhancing beverages.

Our products aim to be inspiring, pushing people to live to the fullest and chase their dreams. Consumers of our products should want to relate to our image, vision, winner mentality and inspiring lifestyle.

LGND’s products are  for people who want to make sure their focus, memory and body are getting what’s needed before demanding tasks. LGND’s products  intend to ensure the brain and body of the consumer have what’s needed to take action and create results.

Become a distributor

Help us help you.

We are firm believers that we can change the beverage market for the better. LGND is introducing a healthier and more powerful alternative to conventional energy drinks.

Become an ambassador for our company and take the lead, in your local market, creating a healthier, better looking and tastier energy drink culture. Why settle for average when perfection is ready available?

We are currently looking for distributors in North America, Europe, Japan and Brazil. If this sounds like you, get in touch and we can provide further information about our company and our products.

The renascence is here, forget the old and change to LGND. We are the pioneers that will change the norm for what a functional beverage is supposed to be.

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